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Community Based Mathematics Project of Philadelphia

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About CBMP Lessons

Our lessons are structured to engage students in inquiry around questions that have personal significance for them and are connected to their school and local communities. Our lessons have been designed to be standards-based, adaptable, searchable, and structured.

While our lessons touch on many standards, we have identified the Common Core Standards that are most central to each investigation.

Lessons are designed as starting points that you can adapt to your particular context. Handouts and resources are included as editable Word documents. Additional resources, pictures, and possible student solutions are included when applicable.

Using the search filters to the left, you can browse our lessons by Common Core Domains, grade bands, and contexts. You can also search for lessons that focus on Philadelphia. 

Lessons have an inquiry focus and follow a common structure designed to engage students in productive struggle with core mathematical ideas. For more on the philosophy behind this structure, view our philosophy page.

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Math Focus
6th Grade
7th Grade
Math Focus
Comparing Data Sets with Dot Plots and Box Plots
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Photo of a High School Building
Overview / Lesson Summary

Students examine current data on Philadelphia high schools and use line plots and box plots to explore variation in attendance and other factors and compare neighborhood, citywide admissions, special admissions, and charter schools. This lesson is a follow up to Comparing High Schools 1: Attendance Rates, where students explore these data using measures of center.

Common Core Domain
Statistics & Probability