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Community Based Mathematics Project of Philadelphia

Resources & Publications

CBMP Publications

Remillard, J.T., Ebby, C.B., Lim, V., Reinke, L., Hoe, N., Magee, E. (2014). Increasing Access to Mathematics through Locally Relevant Curriculum. In K. Karp (Ed.), Annual Perspectives on Mathematics Education: Using Research to Improve Instruction (pp. 89-96). National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  Download the distribution copy.
Ebby, C.B. (2013). Rethink your drink. Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, 19(4), 242-245.
Ebby, C.B., Lim, V., Reinke, L., Remillard, J.T., Magee, E., Hoe, N., Cyrus, M. (2011). Community based mathematics project: Conceptualizing access through locally relevant mathematics curriculum. Perspectives on Urban Education, 8(2), 12-18. Click here to read this publication.

Other Resources

Rethinking Schools is a website that contains resources for teachers interesting in incorporating social justice themes into their curriculum, including the popular book Rethinking Mathematics. includes searchable resources for integrating social justice issues into the math curriculum and includes a downloadable guide by Jonathan Osler, founder of There are also links to many data sources for economic, demographic, health, environmental, educational and racial- and gender-based issues.

Mathalicious is a website that contains real-world lessons around interesting and engaging questions.

Dan Meyer's Blog

You Cubed at Stanford University: A website devoted to changing the way math is taught and learned.

Resources and Publications

Jackson, K., Shahan, E., Gibbons, L., & Cobb, P. (2012). Launching complex tasks. Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, 18(1), 24-29.

Lim, V., L. Rubel, L. Shookhoff, M. Sullivan and S. Williams. (2016). Lottery Is a mathematics powerball. Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School 21(6), 526-533.

Rubel, L. (2016). Speaking up and speaking out about gender in mathematics. Mathematics Teacher 109(6), 434-439. 

Van de Walle, J.A., Karp, K.S.,  & Bay-Williams, J. M. (2016). Planning in the problem-based classroom. Elementary and Middle School Mathematics: Teaching Developmentally, Ninth Edition, Chapter 4, pp. 57-83. Boston: Pearson.