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Community Based Mathematics Project of Philadelphia

The Community Based Mathematics Project brings together Philadelphia teachers and Penn GSE faculty and students to develop locally relevant and social justice oriented mathematics curriculum. Our group generates ideas with and for Philadelphia math teachers. The CBMP website is designed to cultivate a community of math teachers interested in locally relevant curriculum by providing a place to find and share lesson plans and experiences.

Welcome to the Lesson Idea Portal!

We are excited to share our work, and invite you to join our professional learning community. The lessons on this site have been aligned with the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSSM) and are designed to be a resource to use along with any math curriculum. Although these lessons were developed to reflect the urban context of Philadelphia, they can easily be adapted for use in any locale.

Our History

CBMP began in the summer of 2009 with a group of middle school math teachers from Philadelphia and graduate students and faculty members at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. After finding that the contexts used in the existing math curriculum were not familiar to the youth living in this urban community, we redesigned them to include settings and situations that were more relevant to the middle school students. The initial goal of the project was to develop materials that were engaging for students, relevant to their urban community, aligned to state standards, and infused with social justice goals.

Founding members included teachers Kelley Collings and Suzanne Reimann, and graduate students Nina Hoe, Vivian Lim, Emily Magee, and Luke Reinke.

Over time, the project became a professional learning community. Participants work together to adapt math lessons for the classroom, share their experiences and questions, and develop new lessons based on local contexts and their students' lived experiences. In addition to the lessons, we have presented and written about our work in several conferences and publications.

CBMP Leadership Team

Janine Remillard
Professor of Education
Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania

Caroline Ebby
Senior Researcher, CPRE
Adjunct Associate Professor
Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania

Rowan Machalow
Ph.D. Candidate
Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania
Content Developer and Moderator